Welcome to the UK’s first EVER National Glamping Week!

So remember to Go for the Glamp 12th to 18th June 2017 with the UK’s very first National Glamping Week.
The glamping revolution, which has been in full swing for over 20 years, has transformed the profile of staycation holidays here in the UK.

And while camping, B&Bs and hotels are still as popular as ever, glamping has managed to not only bridge the gap between camping and something more luxurious, it has also created it’s very own niche sector in the tourism industry.

A B&B break does what it says on the tin, yet glamping has given ‘birth’ to a glamorous range of accommodation types: tree houses, safari tents, shepherd’s huts, former Greyhound buses, Hobbit Huts and Wigwams®.

Whatever the shape or theme, though, glamping is a universal concept – ‘glamorous camping’ including beds, mattresses, heating, lighting and other essentials.

There will always be the hardened campers who relish the experience of putting up a tent, rolling out the sleeping bags and cooking ‘al fresco’ on a twig-built campfire.

Yet if you’re past all that, or it just doesn’t tickle your fancy, then glamping is for you!


So … where did it all start?


While camping has been around for a long time, glamping was in its infancy in the early 1990s.

Charles Gulland, Director of Wigwam Holidays, was as student at Dorset’s Hook Park College in 1989, where he dreamt of a sustainable lodge built from freshly felled trees, the distinctive smell of timber resin still resplendent!

Three years later, Charles founded All Round Buildings constructing lodges from locally sourced wood, and worked alongside Heriot Watt University students to develop a variety of unique designs.

Charles came up with the revolutionary ‘camping pod’ and by the year 2000, there was sufficient interest to set up Wigwam® Holidays.

So you can see the glamping revolution has not only been a home grown phenomenon, it’s also stayed true to its roots with Charles and the Wigwam® team helping spearhead the biggest change in the holiday industry since package deals.

And now, in post-Brexit Britain, and with the UK still a number one choice for holidaymakers, there’s never been a better time to carry on glamping, or give glamping a go if you haven’t before.

National Glamping Week is launched this year and is set to celebrate the glamping experience with events, promotions and deals.


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