National Glamping Week 12-18 June 2017

Wigwam Holidays

Combining the great outdoors with home comforts while being kind the environment – it seems a tall order, but Wigwam® Holidays found a way!

As part of the inaugural National Glamping Week campaign, here’s an opportunity to find out about Wigwam® Holidays.



Started over 22 years ago, Wigwam® Holidays provides state–of-the-art glamping accommodation.

Wigwam® Holidays has a network of over 75 sites across the UK.

There are four cabin models to choose from: Wee Brave, Big Chief, Running Water and Running Water Deluxe, find out more about them here.


Our motto is…

Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors


Our Core Values

Welcome and listen to our customers, it’s their holiday and it matters, respond to their needs and recommendations.

Access to camping all year round, in natural rural locations (freedom, fires, stars, mountain, river, forest, the great outdoors).

Provide the environment for a safe, stress free and great holiday.

Community and the environment: Wigwam® Holidays is committed to building community and sound environmental practices.